Practical Management Solutions

Grow your business in new markets worldwide

Practical Management Solutions has excellent experience in a number of emerging markets in the world, where business is conducted in many different ways and is also different culturally.

What’s more, the sophistication of the business scene varies with the market’s degree of deregulation. Competitiveness, infrastructure, ownership requirements, cross-ownership, and continental and international stakeholders all play an essential role in an emerging market.

The Practical Management Solutions division of BizWiser is all about applying business acumen to identifying, establishing, consolidating and growing business opportunities for enterprises in emerging markets. It’s easy to generalise and assume and say “the business scene can’t be too different”. As you’ll discover, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Find solutions for your business challenges

As the Practical Management Solutions sages* of the BizWiser team, we focus on finding solutions for your business challenges and meeting your needs in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • General Management – all aspects
  • Events
  • Brand Activations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Project Management – multidisciplinary
  • International Business Practices – implemented in emerging markets.

* A Sage – someone of great wisdom, knowledge and prudence.

Trevor Penhallrick. Practical Management Solutions
Trevor Penhallrick

Trevor Penhallrick, the Business Development Director of BizWiser Emerging Markets, also heads the Practical Management Solutions division. He has been active in general management and experiential marketing for many years and has an excellent track record in emerging markets.

He has an outstanding track record in business development, as well as in strategy development, implementation and project management. He is well known and respected in the marketing communications industry.

Trevor has been active in the communications field since 1978. He has held senior positions in Advertising Displays, Group Africa – Africa and Asia, and EXP Momentum – the experiential marketing corridor of the McCann World Group.

He gained invaluable management experience working with McCann Worldwide management, clients, media owners and business unit heads, both locally and internationally. He interacted extensively with Europe, America, Asia Pacific and, of course, Africa where he has worked on the ground in some 15 markets.

Trevor has enjoyed extensive general management experience within the advertising and marketing industry since 1980. The positions he has held include:

  • Advertising Displays – Outdoor Advertising Manager, Business Manager and Sales
  • SSC & B Lintas WW – Outdoor Advertising Manager
  • Group Africa – Managing Director, Urban Division
  • Group Africa – Business Development Director, Africa Division
  • Group Africa – Managing Director, Africa Division (15 countries)
  • Group Asia – Business Development Director
  • Group Asia – Managing Director (5 countries)
  • SPC Communications – Chief Operating Officer
  • Vulindlela Network – Business Development Director.

Over the years he has managed and overseen assignments in more than 15 emerging markets across Africa – covering Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone markets – as well as more than five emerging markets across Asia.

Trevor has acquired experience of many different industries and has worked in the following categories of business: Motor industry, Financial institutions, Banking sector, Cell phones, Service providers, NGOs, Key FMCG products, beverages, spirits, beer and alcohol, soft drinks, batteries, pharmaceutical and medical goods, tobacco products, soap and detergents, cosmetics and perfumes, toiletries, cleaning agents, retail stores and fast food.

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