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Complete communication solutions for your emerging market challenges

As the Holistic Communication Solutions sages* of the BizWiser team, we focus on finding answers to your communications, advertising, marketing and research challenges.  We can meet your needs in the following areas:

  • Insightful communication network development
  • Innovative strategies and plans
  • Relevant research and insights
  • Competitive implementation and negotiations
  • Customised mentoring and coaching.

* A Sage is someone of great wisdom, knowledge and prudence.

Across the vast number of emerging markets in the world, people consume media in many different ways and different proportions.

What’s more, the sophistication of the media scene varies with the market’s degree of deregulation. Satellite technology, digital, mobile, the rise of social networks, cross-ownership, continental and international stakeholders, all play an essential role in an emerging market.

Most markets have the same communication vehicles present – television, radio, newspapers, social media, magazines, billboards, bus shelters, cinemas, experiential, in-store, word of mouth, brand activation, mobile, digital and the internet.

Insightful Communication network development

The only constant is change!  Sharon Penhallrick and the BizWiser Holistic Communication Solutions team have led key communication and media agency networks across emerging markets within global networks. You’ll find that we are sage advisors, interpreters and evaluators who can offer you expertise and experience in the development and management of multi-market agencies and networks in emerging markets.

Our diverse offerings include business plans, feasibility studies, the launching of new markets, mentoring of Directors and other senior management, sharing of best practices and insights, new business pitches, trouble-shooting, database development and multi-market training.

Innovative Strategies and Plans

Reaching both the hearts and minds of consumers is fundamentally important. We evaluate all communication options in an objective and balanced manner based on insights, judgement, experience and available research.

Our holistic approach is designed to connect, engage and interact with consumers in ways that persuade them to change their behavioural patterns and mind-set, giving your message a competitive edge. The result is meaningful growth, with a higher return on investment for you.

Relevant Research and Insights

In today’s competitive environment, gaining a better understanding of your target market and its relationship with the channels and your message is invaluable in helping you make more informed business decisions.

The optimum strategies and plans are based on leading-edge consumer insight and research and are supported, justified and measurable. We believe in a combination of formal and informal research, tailored to your needs. We’re specialists in collating, analysing and presenting data and insights in a relevant way to formulate better decisions regarding channel choice and budget.

Competitive Implementation and Negotiations

So often, the most comprehensive and innovative strategies and plans are not put into action properly. With our expertise and wisdom in this area, as well as our excellent relationships with the principal media owners, we can give you strategic guidance to implement your channel plans more effectively and efficiently, achieving the results you expect, namely:

  • More exposure and placement relevant to the target market
  • Maximum discounts, savings and added value.


Customised Mentoring and Coaching

The BizWiser Holistic Communications Solutions team is exceptionally proud of the successful mentoring programmes and coaching workshops that we’ve conducted in many emerging markets for marketers, advertising agencies, creative agencies, media agencies, media owners and research companies. These programmes and workshops have resulted in the rise of many industry leaders!

We’ll work closely with you to review your needs, then develop a tailored programme to address your requirements.

Sharon Penhallrick
Sharon Penhallrick

Sharon Penhallrick, Chief Executive Officer of BizWiser Emerging Markets, also heads the Holistic Communication Solutions division. 

Sharon has an outstanding track record in communication agency development and management, as well as strategy, planning and media research. Sharon is well known and respected in the marketing communications industry.

She has an outstanding track record in communication agency development and management, as well as in strategy, planning and media research.  She is well known and respected in the marketing communications industry.

Sharon has been active in communications since 1981. She has held senior positions in Young & Rubicam, Lindsay-Smithers (now FCB) and Lintas.  She was Media Director of Ogilvy & Mather South Africa (1990 -1994) and Ogilvy East Africa (1995), as well as Consulting Media Director for Ogilvy Africa (2003-2007).

She also headed up the McCann-Erickson Africa advertising agency network, including their media independent “corridor”, Universal McCann Africa. At the time, this network of advertising agencies was the largest in the world, covering 120 markets.

She gained invaluable management experience working with McCann Worldwide management, clients and media owners, both locally and internationally.  She interacted extensively with Europe, America, Asia Pacific and, of course, Africa where she has worked on the ground in some 30 markets.

Some time ago, Sharon started her own successful marketing, advertising, strategy, research and media consultancy – SPC Communications. Her clients included a broad spectrum of local and international clients who required professional advice in emerging markets.

Her consultancy grew into a great success story based on Sharon’s work ethic, knowledge of available research and her hands-on experience in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

SPC Communications was acquired by Telmar Media Systems, a global media research software company where Sharon held the position of Managing Director of the South African office, covering South Africa and selected markets in Africa.

She’s also been intimately involved with the development of media research in Africa through her strong associations with SAARF (South African Advertising Research Foundation), PAMRO (Pan African Media Research Organisation), EMRO (European Media Research Organisation), various joint industry committees in Africa and numerous research houses and monitoring services globally.

Besides, Sharon headed up the Communication Sector of the NEPAD Business Foundation. Its vision is primarily to facilitate business to business interactions from various African countries for commercial and investment purposes, inform private sector strategies when doing business in Africa and implement innovative projects that address local challenges.

Sharon has unmatched experience and wisdom in the following fields:

  • Communications and Media Agency network development and management
  • Multi-market marketing, communications, advertising and research
  • Holistic Communication strategies and plans
  • Media research and software
  • Database development
  • Training workshops
  • Coaching and mentorship.

Over the years she has completed assignments in more than 30 emerging markets across Africa – covering Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone markets.

Sharon has gained experience in many different industries and has worked in the following categories of business:

The motor industry, Financial institutions, Banking sector, Cellphones, Service providers, NGOs, Key FMCG products, beverages, spirits, beer and alcohol, soft drinks, batteries, pharmaceutical and medical goods, tobacco products, soap and detergents, cosmetics and perfumes, toiletries, cleaning agents and retail stores.

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